Money is personal. We believe investors deserve a partner that will provide them with a bespoke investment experience tailored to their needs and objectives.

Start Smart

Getting a clear understanding of an investor’s financial life…

Starting smart begins by getting a clear understanding of an investor’s current financial situation and how they would like it to progress to help meet their future lifestyle goals and objectives. 

During this process we get to know our prospective clients by gathering information pertaining to their personal values, financial goals, and existing financial accounts. We also evaluate their attitudes toward six universal financial planning considerations and conduct a Value at Risk (VaR) analysis. 

Six Fundamental Financial Planning Considerations

Our six fundamental financial planning considerations are potential barriers investors may face when working toward their goals. We believe that it’s important to evaluate investor sentiment towards each consideration through a succinct questionnaire. This allows us to examine the potential effects of these considerations on an investor’s assets today and in the future.


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Value at Risk (VaR) Analysis

Within the initial review, we help investors understand their risk threshold. We do this by deploying a Value at Risk (VaR) Analysis that helps us quantify attitudes toward financial uncertainty, specifically one’s emotional tolerance with respect to the magnitude and speed of potential investment loss. 

This Analysis produces a VaR Score that is indexed on a scale from conservative to aggressive. The VaR Score can help us determine if the current portfolio aligns with the investor’s risk tolerance and provides insight as to whether changes to that portfolio are needed.

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Apply Discipline

A holistic investment plan for growing and protecting wealth…

Our discipline is built on the foundation of holistic planning and how investment and insurance solutions can work in concert to help mitigate six fundamental financial planning considerations, within a desired risk tolerance, so our clients have the confidence to handle market cycles.

This includes evaluating and incorporating strategies for working to…

  • Secure guaranteed income for life
  • Structure assets for future unexpected expenses
  • Protect purchasing power over time
  • Optimize returns within desired risk tolerance
  • Provide for and efficiently transfer assets to beneficiaries
  • Mitigate tax liabilities throughout the investment process

Holistic planning can help investors…

Investment Process

We want to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide transparency into our process so that they can remain confident throughout our partnership. After gathering information about our prospective client’s financial life, we utilize a multi-step process for analyzing, structuring, and implementing a holistic plan that is personalized to their financial goals and objectives.

1. Discover

Gather key information pertaining to goals, objectives, financial planning considerations, and risk tolerance.

2. Analyze

Perform an in-depth financial analysis of the information provided.

3. Plan

Create a custom strategy that aligns with the client’s provided goals and risk tolerance.

4. Implement

Execute the agreed-upon plan.

5. Monitor

Proactively manage the plan, evaluate its progress, and adjust it to meet shifting objectives and changing market dynamics.

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Communicate Progress

We A.C.T. on each investor’s behalf.


We aim to be available to our clients and work to answer questions and address concerns as promptly as possible.


We jointly determine communication preferences and frequency and provide critical market updates throughout the year.


Our clients have access to a secured online portal that will allow them to view their financial landscape in one location on any online device.

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